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Heat rash comes out when we go out in extreme heat. We must try to avoid it. When the heat of the sun is at its top, we should not go out to make our work in the morning or the evening.

The symptoms of heatstroke are quite straightforward. Red spots and itching are found where sweat is trapped under the skin layer. Heat rash appears on the neck, shoulders, and chest. Skin and the places where your clothes meet.

These are the places where it gets very hot. Sometimes the heat from the itch takes the form of very small grains. 

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No. 1. Use an antibacterial soap for heat rash.

No. 2. Keep yourself cool and try to stop sweating. Avoid activities that cause sweating. Wear thin and loose clothing and bathe in cold water.

No. 3. Use calamine lotion or methanol in itchy and hot flashes.

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Use No. 4 powder which contains drying milk protein, labeling, and trilobite as an antibacterial. Used to prevent infections, this powder stays on the skin and treats bacteria.

No. 5 Boil neem leaves and washes the place where there are heat grains. The heat grains will disappear.


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