What is prickly heat and its Treatment, Nazaria.pk

What is Prickly Heat and Its treatment. Learn in new research

Symptoms Heat rash comes out when we go out in extreme heat. We must try to avoid it. When the heat of the sun is...

Is it possible to cure COVID-19 with Sana Makki (Senna leaves)?

Renowned Hakeem Agha Abdul Ghaffar attended the ARY News program and termed the treatment of COVID-19 with Senna Leaves (Sana Makki) as baseless. Hukam Abdul...
pandemic 1918

Similarities Between Pandemic 1918 And Pandemic 2019

What did the Pandemic influenza do to India in 1918 and what should we learn from the experience. Coronavirus is not the first pandemic attack...
Secret behind the china success against cooronavirus

Did China Really Defeat The Deadly Covid-19?

Chinese experts said that a Japanese medicine that is used for for influenza is also very effective against the covid-19. An official from China's ministry...
what is slilica gel packet?

What if a silica gel packet is eaten?

In everyday life, you must have seen silica gel packets in many items. Which is frequently seen in dry medicine and on these packets...
licking finger when couting money

Licking Finger When Counting Money May Harmful To Health

On a currency note, there are more germs than a public toilet door handle, so licking the finger when counting can be harmful to...

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