Lock Down In Lahore. Nazaria.pk

Lockdown in Lahore latest news today

Currently, there are many cases of corona virus in the Punjab province of Pakistan. At the moment most cases are reported in Lahore. News is...
Budget Detail yesterday. Nazaria.pk

budget highlights 2020 21 Pakistan

The budget shortfall of more than Rs 3,000 billion to the next economic year will be performed today. The budget will be Rs 76...
PM Imran khan address Nation Today. Nazaria.pk

Imran khan address to nation today

Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to take the nation into reliance on the Corona position today. According to circumstances, a meeting was taken...

10 Scary Facts About Locusts

Did you know that a soldier of a group of about 80 million locusts eats two grams...

Who Is Cynthia Ritchie? Blogger who accused former Pakistani PM of rape

Cynthia Ritchie calls herself freelance media director, producer, vlogger and tourist. Cynthia a few...

Coronavirus vaccine development mission, big progress came out

The United States has finally selected five companies to develop the corona vaccine, the Trump administration will...

(Lunar eclipse 2020)At what time chand grahan will start?

The lunar eclipse will happen between the nights of June 5 and 6 and will begin at...

Uzma Khan,Huma Khan and Usman malik charged with adultery and drug offenses

According to details, a petition has been filed against Usman Malik, Uzma Khan and Huma Khan for...

Uzma Khan withdrew the case against Malik Riaz’s daughters

Actress Uzma Khan has withdrawn the case after deciding not to take any further action against the...

Protests broke out in Britain against the killing of black American

Protests also began in the British capital against the killing of a black man who died of...