Secret behind the china success against cooronavirus

Chinese experts said that a Japanese medicine that is used for for influenza is also very effective against the covid-19.
An official from China’s ministry of science and technology, said the results of medicine have been exciting during clinical trials in Wuhan and Shenzhen.
The patients who used this medication in Shenzhen, after using that medicine for 4 days, the novel coronavirus ended.
While without this medicine Recovery needs an average of 11 days.
The use of this new medicine also confirmed an improvement in the lung condition of 91% of patients, while in other medicines, the rate is near to only 62%.
This medicine was developed by Fujifilm Toyama chemical in 2014. However, it denied to issue any remark on Chinese claim.
In Japan, this medicine is also being used by doctors for clinical trials on patients.
But Japanese ministry of health sources has said that this medicine is not likely to be more effective for patients with serious symptoms because the effect on such patients has not been seen.
This new medicine will require government approval to use on a large scale for covid-19 because it was designed for flu treatment.


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