Renowned Hakeem Agha Abdul Ghaffar attended the ARY News program and termed the treatment of COVID-19 with Senna Leaves (Sana Makki) as baseless.

Hukam Abdul Ghaffar said that there is no truth in the possibility of treatment of COVID-19 with Senna Leaves (Sana Makki).
He further said, ” To the best of my knowledge, no physician in the history of two thousand years has suggested the use of the Senna Leaves (Sana Makki) for chest infections.
He told that rumors of COVID-19 treatment from Senna Leaves (Sana Makki) were being spread on social media which was completely baseless.
The leaves of this plant can cure diseases like constipation and intestinal inflammation.

What Is Senna Leaves (Senna Leaves)

Senna (Sana Makki) actually a spontaneous plant, the leaves of which are yellowish green in color, the effect of it is hot and dry.
Herbalists consider this plant to be very useful for many diseases.
Nowadays, rumors are circulating on the internet that if the leaves of Sana Makki are used in hot water, then it can defeat COVID-19.


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