what is slilica gel packet?

In everyday life, you must have seen silica gel packets in many items. Which is frequently seen in dry medicine and on these packets it is written ‘don’t eat it’ or stay away from it.
Now here are some questions that we are always trying to know, for example.
What is silica gel?
What does a silica gel do?
Why silica gel packets are kept in medicines or other things?
let’s know the answers to all these questions.
The grains in this packet are made of silicon dioxide, which is good for dry up the space around them, due to this feature, these packets are kept to protect from moisture in different items such as medicines.
There is another question about it is what happens if someone eats it? Most people think of it as poison and the reason to understand that the words written on this packet.
If you are also thinking that these packets are poison, you are completely misunderstood,
There is no poison in the silica gel packet.
As we have already told you that silica gel is used to protect items from moisture and if a person eats silica gel, it causes dehydration in the body.
Because this is not poison, it does not mean that it should be eaten.
In case of eating silica gel by mistake, Just drink as much water as possible immediately to avoid its effect and contact your doctor.
Similarly, if a child accidentally eats silica gel, it only causes dehydration. So to avoid any trouble, phrases like ‘stay away from it’ or ‘don’t eat it’ are written on these packets.


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