Actress Uzma Khan has withdrawn the case after deciding not to take any further action against the alleged violence against the daughters of prominent capitalist Malik Riaz.

Uzma khan, who has written his statement before the judicial magistrate Noman Nasir, has asked him not to take any further action.
She said that the case against malik riaz’s daughters was filed on the basis of misunderstanding.

She added in her statement that she did not want to present any testimony in the case filed against Malik Riaz’s daughters.

Why did the actress Uzma Khan reconcile?

The answer to this question has been clarified in a written statement filed in the court by the Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan.

The written statement said that she filed the case on the basis of misunderstanding and she did not have any evidence of the incident so she does not want action but wants to withdraw the case.


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