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Leading Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide

Born on August 21, 1986 in Patna, in the northern Indian state of Bihar, Sushant lived alone in Mumbai. After completing his engineering education, he...

People of which blood group are more susceptible to COVID-19?

A study by biotechnology testing company '23 & Me 'claims that differences have been found in human genes that affect the blood that can...

How to use the bathroom to prevent COVID-19?

According to the Daily Mail, American experts have issued important instructions for those who visit other people's homes as guests and use their bathrooms. "If...

Shahid Afridi tests positive for coronavirus

Former national cricket team captain Shahid Afridi has been diagnosed with coronavirus, according to details. Confirming this on social networking site Twitter, Shahid Afridi said...

10 Scary Facts About Locusts

Did you know that a soldier of a group of about 80 million locusts eats two grams of food a day, which is equivalent...

Did Turkey develop a medicine for COVID-19?

According to international media reports, on Tuesday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkish scientists and medical experts will develop a madicine locally called Favi...

Is it possible to cure COVID-19 with Sana Makki (Senna leaves)?

Renowned Hakeem Agha Abdul Ghaffar attended the ARY News program and termed the treatment of COVID-19 with Senna Leaves (Sana Makki) as baseless. Hukam Abdul...

Who Is Cynthia Ritchie? Blogger who accused former Pakistani PM of rape

Cynthia Ritchie calls herself freelance media director, producer, vlogger and tourist. Cynthia a few days ago, shared some personal photos of PPP leader and sindh...

Traffic accidents in Haripur, 8 killed

A passenger coach collided with a shop near Kandiaro on the national highway.As a result, a woman along with her two daughters died. The deceased...

Coronavirus vaccine development mission, big progress came out

The United States has finally selected five companies to develop the corona vaccine, the Trump administration will provide them special funding to help develop...

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