Apple introduces a new selfie keeping in mind the social distance

Social distance has been identified as the most important thing to prevent corona virus, which is why everyone is remembering to hang out with...

Zong Call Packages

Zong daily call Packages Package name: Zong Student Bundle Offer Free on net minutes: 120 Of net minute: none Free sms: none Free mbs: none Validity: 1 Day( Valid For...

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Security guard stabbed several children, including a teacher in school

The incident took place in an area of southern China where a knife attacker injured 39 children and teachers. According to the local government, the...

How to use the bathroom to prevent COVID-19?

According to the Daily Mail, American experts have issued important instructions for those who visit other people's homes as guests and use their bathrooms. "If...

Uzma Khan,Huma Khan and Usman malik charged with adultery and drug offenses

According to details, a petition has been filed against Usman Malik, Uzma Khan and Huma Khan for committing serious crimes like adultery and drugs.notices...
Budget Detail yesterday. Nazaria.pk

budget highlights 2020 21 Pakistan

The budget shortfall of more than Rs 3,000 billion to the next economic year will be performed today. The budget will be Rs 76...
deputy health minister of iran infected with coronavirus

Iranian deputy health minister becomes a victim of coronavirus

Iranian deputy health minister becomes a victim of coronavirus. Iran has 15 deaths from the coronavirus while the country's deputy health minister has also been...
pandemic 1918

Similarities Between Pandemic 1918 And Pandemic 2019

What did the Pandemic influenza do to India in 1918 and what should we learn from the experience. Coronavirus is not the first pandemic attack...
Telenor Internet Packages. Nazaria.pk

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor 1 Day Internet Packages Package name: Telenor Facebook Flex Free mbs: 1000 Free on net minutes: none Of net minute: none Free sms: none Validity: 1 Day Price: 0 How to...
Turkish Army Helps to Libya. Nazaria.pk

Turkish military planes took their warplanes to Tripoli, find out the reason

The Turkish government continues to provide fighters and large amounts of arms and ammunition to Libya to support the national federal government. Turkey has...
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